Is it time to consult the best in a time of need? Coronavirus global outbreak surprised many and baffled governments throughout the world. On one side, we had those countries that had already experienced a type of corona almost two decades ago. China and Singapore, and its inhabitants more or less knew how to act. […]

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The best islands in the world

Set sail, captain! We are heading to some of the most extraordinary places on the planet. Whether you are frost lover or tropical beach enthusiast, this voyage will take you to your new favourite spot for sure. Our destinations will consist of various islands located from the far wintery North to the soft sand beaches […]

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Best Caribbean Islands for snorkeling and hiking

From the cradle of human existence, through the voyages of Greeks and Phoenicians, continuing with expanding Spanish Empire up to the modern times, exploration has always played a crucial role in developing a civilization and searching of new places.  Snorkeling and hiking – both modern recreational activities – contain the same energy that had lain […]

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Things to bring to the beach with friends

Imagine yourself right in the middle of the golden sand the beaches tour lined by palm trees from one side and silver glitter and smell of the ocean breeze from the other. Being there with friends will make you happy and relaxed. Even more, couple it with the right things to bring to the beach […]

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