Is it time to consult the best in a time of need? Coronavirus global outbreak surprised many and baffled governments throughout the world. On one side, we had those countries that had already experienced a type of corona almost two decades ago. China and Singapore, and its inhabitants more or less knew how to act. China, largely unprepared at first, tackled the problem in its full might and seems to be solving it quite effectively. 


On the other hand, we have a highly developed and unique healthcare system in Cuba with thousands of experienced doctors when treatments on a large scale are in question. Without panic or stress, but with a level of seriousness and devotion, the Cuban government and its health officials have announced it is completely ready for both prevention and treatment of CORONAVIRUS – the code name for the new strain of coronavirus which has reached almost all parts of the world.  

Is Cuba a good choice for the elderly and those with immunosuppressed immunity to Spend valuable time during this crisis?

Yes, Cuba is a perfect choice for such people. The reason is a unique Cuban approach to health – early detection and prevention above all. This is an ideal setting for people with chronic diseases and those with fragile health, such as elderly and immunosuppressed. In the same time, they can get adequate treatments and enrol in numerous prevention programs as well. The programs are designed to pick up health deterioration in early stages while the procedures have a good prognosis. 

Cuba is a proud owner of a key to fighting off COVID-19 

Initially developed in Cuba, Interferon Alfa 2b is a drug used to treat many conditions, including viral infections such as COVID-19. Giving the scale of a current coronavirus outbreak and the fact that such an outbreak has never been documented in the past, there are no studies that confirm the effectiveness of Interferon Alfa 2b against corona. However, the Chinese government is using the drug with reports of its efficacy in the region of Wuhan. Cuba announced that they would supply the countries around the world with the drug, but not before they secure their own needs. Meaning, at this moment, Cuba has the medicine capable of coping with severe cases of coronavirus infection. 

To clear out any doubts, Interferon Alfa 2b is in the scope of scientific research for decades already, and a considerable body of evidence supports its efficacy in the treatment of various cancerous, infectious and chronic diseases.

Cuba has the skills and experience to control the situation on their soil

Cuban healthcare institutions are ready to receive a number of patients from other parts of the world if needed. Everything has been set up promptly, and all the precautions have been taken. There is no better health system in the world than the one that incorporated protection and prevention in the first place. 

At this moment, around 30.000 Cuban medical professionals are deployed in 67 countries around the world, mostly Africa and Latin America. Since many regions in Africa are underdeveloped in every sense, there has been a crisis after crisis on many levels. There were many outbreaks of diseases such as malaria, AIDS, or Ebola, and there was a lot to be done. For Cuban doctors, it was a baptism by fire; they were put to test and passed with the highest grade.

All in all, the best possible way to be treated in instances of great distress is by someone who knows what’s to be done. In our case, these are Cuban health professionals who have been out there helping those in need for decades.

Healthcare System

At one point in recent history, the government of Cuba simply decided to concentrate on the welfare of its citizens. They have chosen to nurture the most fundamental human aspirations: to be healthy and grow intellectually. In this matter Cuban healthcare and education are at the same level as some of the most developed European countries. 

You won’t believe, but the same philosophy is the driving force of both the healthcare system and the country’s education: a holistic approach to treatment. In other words, a person’s health is looked after from the very beginning, and prevention and early treatment are crucial to success. Everything that is being done is done step by step and from as many viewpoints as possible. 

Not many know that the mortality rate among children in Cuba is lower compared to their peers in the US. Partly because of the percentage of vaccinated children in Cuba is higher than in the US and partly because of the availability of healthcare in Cuba. 

Staying in La Pradera and leisure activities

Upon your arrival at the airport you and your companion will be transported to La Pradera, one of the most prestigious medical centers in Cuba. You can have all your meals here surrounded by tropical gardens and a swimming pool. A fully equipped room and private bathroom will be at your disposal with additional assistance for the disabled. As far as room entertainment is concerned, there is the internet connection and cable TV available. 

We can organize a tailor-made daily program at your disposal. You will be able to be a part of this wonderful nation and visit Havana, Varadero beach and Pinar del Rio.

What is included in the program?

While in Cuba awaiting the global crisis to be put under control, why not enjoy the vacation (hyperlink) of your dream by taking advantage of the entertainment programs through the collaboration of CubaHeal Medical and EcoCuba Pro


Cuba during coronavirus

Visit of Old Havana, the city center and the bay area. 

  • A walking tour will take you along the old cobblestone streets past the magnificent colonial buildings from one city square to another. Many museums, Dark Chamber and the Cathedral are the focal point of the old town. 
  • El Capitolio a neo-classical building of Havana settled at the heart of the bustling city.
  • Enjoy one hour ride in one of the classical cars with rumbling sound of V-type engine. They have been taking on Havana streets since 1950’ and they are lovely remnants of that period. 
  • A tour of modern Havana and its recent history with a visit to the Revolution Square. Go to various exhibitions in the Museum of Revolution, Museum of Arms and Museum of Fine Arts as well.
  • Morro-Cabaña fortress, built in the 16th century along the Havana bay, once stood against the invaders of Havana.

Havana Restaurants

La Cocinero

Taste some of the finest Cuban dishes at the recommended restaurants:

  • La Bodeguita del Medio, an alleged birthplace of Mojito. The restaurant has always been a focal point of the élites and used to be frequented by Marquez and loved by Allende. 
  • Try the specialties at Vista Mar, a famous restaurant overlooking the blue waters of the Straits
  • D’Lirios, a restaurant next to el Capitolio.
  • Have a delicious lunch at Malecon 663, another colorful restaurant right next to the sea.
  • El Cocinero is a lovely Havana roof top restaurant. It is located just next to, or to be precise, above Havana Art Factory. Take a wine glass and enjoy the best artistic and cultural project of modern Cuba. This place is an art gallery, a bar, a night club, a theater – you name it.
  • Prepare for the unforgettable night out at Tropicana. This vibrant club with talented dancers and colorful atmosphere is the true face of Cuba.

Varadero all-inclusive


How about going to a top all-inclusive hotel? Lovely sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and cocktails of your choice will be at your disposal. Varadero beach is one of the most popular places in Cuba for tourists from all over the world. Grab a towel and sun lotion and head for the beach – everything else is taken care of.

Pinar Del Rio Tour

Pinar del rio

In the heart of the province is the Viñales Valley, a piece of fertile flat land with tower-like limestone hills rising out of the ground. It is popular for hiking, bike-ride and climbing. Also, this area is renowned for growing of tobacco and making the famous Cuban cigars. 

In conclusion, there are many unanswered questions and growing concerns about the Coronavirus. However, there is a way out of it and CubaHeal will provide the best possible treatment according to the current medical situation concerning CORONAVIRUS. There are means of protecting and treatment, and, moreover, there are absolute means of continuing your life normally.