At EcoCuba Pro (ECP) we believe there is far more to Cuba than the beach resorts that dot the coastline.

With ECP, a visit to Cuba is about discovering the country, experiencing its beautiful culture, enjoying Cuba’s unique cuisine and strolling the lively and history filled streets of its cities.

We know what you are searching for when it comes to vacation adventures. You want to discover new places, know the local traditions, absorb the culture and connect with the people of Cuba.

Why choose us.
Our objective is to ensure your trip and stay in Cuba is stress-free, enjoyable and fulfilling experience. To achieve that: - Our Canadian head office team will arrange your entire travel itinerary, including planning your round trip flights, visa requirements, program confirmation, hotel or place of accommodation’s reservations, meal plans, and other entertainment activities for you and your friends and companions. - Our Cuba field office team staffed with multilingual sports and leisure experts are ready to handle all matters relating to your trip including airport pickup and drop off to your hotel, local transportation as well as confirming your guided activities. We will always be there for you. - The packages we have assembled are at par with the best sports and leisure programs known worldwide, at a cost unmatched by any other destination or provider.
Cuba's best natural activities
At ECP we offer multiple daily trips, as well as weekly vacation adventures encompassing a wide range of activities. Whether you are traveling alone and would like to tour Havana in a day, or you are arriving with a group of friends and would like to charter a boat; to live on board for a week visiting coastal towns, we have it and much more. We definitely have something for you! We deliver the best of nature activities Cuba has to offer, specialized sports and unforgettable cultural tours. To meet our guests’ expectations, we have highly experienced and qualified personnel ready to accommodate all your needs. For the savvy and the adventure seeking sports enthusiast, EcoCuba Pro has a wide range of detailed packages intended to satisfy your traveling desires, be it a casual full day tour of charming Havana (daily tour program) or a weeklong water activities such as sport fishing, scuba diving trips, long-distance bike tours, nature oriented trekking and hiking, bird watching, cave exploration and farm and horseback riding journeys. Keep surfing our website to find more. All programs.
Adventure that you will always remember and leave you in awe of the memories
We promise an adventure that you will always remember and leave you in awe of the memories of the beauty of the paradise island of Cuba. Through our extensive access and network, you, as our guest will have the opportunity to enjoy any of the following:  48 protected areas  5 national parks  3 ecological reserves  15 wildlife refuge  5 floristic reserve  1 natural protected landscape  2 natural elements highlights  18 protected areas of management resources  73 farms for the purpose of genetic development of equine and bovine We offer you the opportunity to experience the Cuban outdoors and nature at it purist form immersed in history, culture, entertainment and cuisine in every place you visit AT VERY REASNABLE RATES.

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