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Choosing a vacation destination has never been easier. Whether you like sunlit beaches or city tours, there are many available options! It has never been easier to spice up a top-notch medical examination, and how better to do that than with a relaxing tropical vacation? A once in a lifetime experience is waiting:

Anyone looking to travel has many options available, but only in the Pearl of the Caribbean, Cuba, can you have a beautiful adventure as well as an executive clinical examination. If this sounds interesting, keep reading to find out more!

Adorned in colonial architecture and located next to the sea, Havana is one of the oldest and most treasured jewels of the Caribbean. In addition to its famous attraction as a tourist destination, Havana also boasts some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world as well, making it an incredibly popular choice for medical tourism too. In this tour, not only will you have the opportunity to experience the capital city of Havana, but the pristine beaches of Varadero and the tranquil mountains of Pinar del Rio. At the same time, the earliest part of first five days will be reserved for the medical checkup. This way you will be able to feel relaxed in a tropical setting and run much needed clinical testing.


Medical checkup qualification and enrollment process:

  1. In order for the Cuban medical teams to determine the most suitable medical checkup protocol, all visitors seeking medical checkups must fill out what is called a PATIENT MEDICAL PROFILE, a requirement of CubaHeal Medical (our sister company), and the Cuban Medical Authorities (CMA), the government body in charge of international medical care.
  2. Kindly be aware that it could take between 10-14 business days for a comprehensive evaluation program to be produced, which would be based on the information entered in the PATIENT MEDICAL PROFILE, in addition to all other supporting medical records.
  3. Please also be aware that CubaHeal Medical admin’s team may reach out to you to request additional medical information.
  4. Upon the production of the evaluation program, it will be delivered to EcoCuba Pro via CubaHeal’s logistics team.
  5. EcoCuba Pro will then Forward the following:
    • Full medical checkup program details.
    • Full entertainment program details.
    • Payment instructions and options.
  6. For any additional inquiries or further details, kindly reach out to us at or visit our Facebook page.



The approach:

Through EcoCuba Pro’s relationship with La Pradera International Health Center, and our sister company CubaHeal, we have succeeded in producing a program that not only addresses the accommodation needs of the residents but also their quality of health and life by turning such stay into a vacation in one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands. (new paragraph)

La Pradera prides itself on its holistic approach to therapies of the body, mind and spirit. Its mission is to provide specialized medical care offered by specialists with high ethical, humanistic values, in addition to vast multi–disciplinary medical experience, all in a natural, attractive and revitalizing environment.

The EXECUTIVE MEDICAL CHECKUP / TOURISM PROGRAM (9 NIGHTS IN HAVANA) program is intended for residents seeking through medical evaluation and a superb and fulfilling vacation. The EXECUTIVE MEDICAL CHECKUP / TOURISM PROGRAM (9 NIGHTS IN HAVANA) program is considered to be one of the world’s most extensive in terms of inclusion, around the clock medical and urgent care, hygiene and personal care, and entertainment.



Accommodation: This hotel-like private room includes the following features:

  • Electronic patient bed
  • Equipment for disabled patient
  • Oxygen hookup
  • Three AP meals taking into account the patient’s preferences and / or special diets prescribed by physician
  • Fully equipped private bathroom
  • Infirmary and nursing care
  • Colour TV with national and international channels
  • Local and international phone services (extra cost will apply)
  • Safe box
  • Internet service on every floor
  • Laundry services




  • 24/7 Specialized nursing team trained at addressing all medical needs including urgent medical situations. The nursing teams mandate includes addressing medical and personal needs, as well as assistance in daily activities such as feeding (if needs be), medication management, transportation within the compound for the purpose of activities, etc…
  • The center is a gated compound with trained support staff on the ground 24/7



Medical care:

  • Around the clock physicians with internal medicine speciality for the care, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in the elderly, including prescribing applicable medicine
  • Medication Management
  • On site, fully equipped emergency room for immediate events. Upon the medical situation control, and if the need arise, the patient could be transferred to a more specialized hospital for additional specialized care. Kindly note there will be additional costs for hospital care outside of the center. CubaHeal will utilize its credit facility to pay for such service and will either bill the family, or the resident himself.
  • Specialized nursing team trained at addressing all medical needs including urgent situations



Hygiene and personal care:

  • Daily supply of clean towels and clean bed linen
  • Monthly pedicure and manicure, as well as hair dressing services
  • Rooms, floors, bathrooms, dining room, hallways, contact places etc are cleaned daily



Nutritional diet (included in the program):

Nutritionist tailored and balanced diet programs which will take into consideration the following:

  • Diabetes sensitive diets
  • Calories reduced diets
  • Salt reduced diets
  • Puree diet
  • Minced food diet
  • Soft food diet
  • Juice, milk, soup and dessert are offered with every meal
  • Religious adhering diets (could be accommodated at an additional cost)
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Ongoing Entertainment program

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Day Zero:
Day Zero:

Upon your arrival at the airport you and your companion will be transported to La Pradera, one of the most prestigious medical centers in Cuba. Surrounded by tropical gardens and a swimming pool where you will have your first dinner here. A fully equipped room and private bathroom will be at your disposal with additional assistance for the disabled. As far as room entertainment is concerned, there is the internet connection and cable TV available. The first night is reserved for relaxation: your adventure starts tomorrow!

Day One :
Day One :

Here you are in good hands. From the first day a team of medical professionals will take care of you and you can start your medical checkup. After breakfast, your medical checkup continues until lunch. Today, you’ll embark on your first city tour to Old Havana! You will have the opportunity to walk the old cobbled streets, past the magnificent colonial architecture, from one scenic part of the old city to another. After visiting the breathtaking Cathedral and the Dark Chamber of Havana, you can choose to visit a museum or two of your choice. Take a rest and taste some of the finest Cuban cuisine at La Bodeguita del Medio, the alleged birthplace of Mojito. The restaurant has always been a focal point of the country’s elite and was once frequented by such famous figures as Marquez and Allende. Your next stop will be El Capitolio, or the Capital Building - this neoclassical palace is an iconic building of Havana settled at the heart of the bustling city. After admiring this marvel and the surrounding cityscape, you will have dinner at La Vitrola and enjoy the city at night.

Day Two:
Day Two:

After an early breakfast, your medical checkup continues until lunch. Taste some of the specialties at Vista Mar, a famous restaurant overlooking the blue waters of the Straits of Florida. After that, be prepared for another of your adventures. You will enjoy one-hour ride in one of the classical cars with the rumbling sound of a V-type engine - these classic cars are an internationally recognized symbol feature of Havana and have been taking on its streets since the 1950s. Next, you will visit Revolution Square - here you will be able to visit various exhibitions, including those

of The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of The Revolution, and The Museum of Arms as well. The evening will be crowned with a relaxing dinner at D’Lirios, a restaurant next to El Capitolio

Day Three :
Day Three :

Your third day begins with a breakfast, and the next step of your medical checkup. Then, you will head toward Morro-Cabaña fortress. Built in the 16th century along the Havana bay, it once stood against the city’s many invaders over the centuries. You will have a wonderful lunch in this historical setting before going back to La Pradera. There, after a relaxing massage and a dinner it will be time for a good night’s rest.

Day Four :
Day Four :

It’s another day for you. After breakfast you will need to do some more tests. But we are almost done! The middle of the day will find you relaxing, enjoying a delicious lunch at Malecon 663, another colorful restaurant right next to the sea. This relaxing day will continue with another massage in La Pradera, in preparation for an exciting night and unforgettable night out at Tropicana. This famous and vibrant club with talented dancers is one of the most recognizable and cherished faces of Cuba

Day Five:
Day Five:

You made it! This is the last day of the medical checkup. You will be served both breakfast and lunch in La Pradera. After a relaxing massage you will be heading to el Cocinero, a lovely Havana rooftop restaurant. It is located just above The Cuban Art Factory (Fábrica de Arte Cubano or Fábrica), your next stop. Take a wine glass and enjoy the best artistic and cultural project of modern Cuba. This place is an art gallery with multiple bars and night clubs, in addition to a theater – you name it

Day Six :
Day Six :

If you have been daydreaming about the sandy beach, this is your day. Right after breakfast at 9 AM you will depart for Varadero. Is there anything you deserve more than spending a couple of nights in a top quality, all-inclusive hotel? Lovely sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and cocktails of your choice will be at your disposal. The water is warm and shallow along the coast and it’s teeming with marine life. Visit some of the coral reefs and wander the natural wonders of the world!

Day Seven :
Day Seven :

Varadero beach is one of the most popular places in Cuba for tourists from all over the world. More than 20 km of sand, beach bars and palm trees stretching right in front of your feet. Grab a towel and sun lotion and head for the beach – everything else is taken care of.

Day Eight:
Day Eight:

After taking your last dips and having lunch surrounded by this tropical paradise, it is time to get back to Havana. Your transportation will leave at 4 PM. It will be a relaxing night with dinner in La Pradera before the last adventure on this journey the next day.

Day Nine :
Day Nine :

Another lovely day awaits you. After breakfast, you will be leaving to the Pinar del Rio province. In the heart of it is the Viñales Valley, a piece of fertile flat land with tower-like limestone hills rising out of the ground. It is popular for hiking, bike-ride and climbing. Furthermore, if you have ever wondered how a cigar is made, you can get your answer right here! You will be taken along the winding roads surrounded by the lush vegetation and fields. This area is renowned for the growing of tobacco and the production of the world-famous Cuban cigars. You will have lunch there, just before leaving the region and heading back to La Pradera!

Day Ten:
Day Ten:

After you wave goodbye to the wonderful city and beaches and will be taken to the Airport. Having spent 9 wonderful nights in Cuba, you will definitely return home a true expert on the Cuban lifestyle.


  • Airport pickup/ drop off
  • Each visitor is assigned a bi-lingual field member to carry the Translation between the medical teams and the visitor
  • Each visitor is assigned a bi-lingual field member to carry the Attending to all the visitor’s personal needs
  • 20 hours internet service
  • Accommodation for 9 nights
  • Entertainment
  • Three daily meals
  • Local transportation
  • Bilingual private guide
  • 24/7 assistance while in Cuba
  • Cuban Tourist Visa card
  • Excursions not included in the above description
  • Tips and other credentials
  • Costs of other services not included in the description
  • International airfare
  • Taxes
  • Entertainment, food and drinks not included in the above program description
  • Travel insurance

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. y 15, Calle 230, Matanzas, Cuba


The program includes the following:


1. Evaluation:

- Consultation with a specialist in Internal Medicine.
- Re-consultation with a specialist in Internal Medicine.

2. Laboratory Tests:

- Complete Blood Count (CBC) test
- Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (automated method) test
- Glycemia test
- Creatinine test
- Uric Acid test
- Urea test
- Liver Function tests
- Cyturia test
- Full lipid Profile study: A group of blood tests utilized to measure the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
- Glucose test
- Coagulation test
- Creatinine test
- Glutamic oxaloacetic Transaminansa (GOT) test
- Transaminansa glutamic pyruvic test
- Organization chart test
- Alkaline Phosphatase test
- Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) test
- Serology test

3. Imaging and Other Related Investigations:

- Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) investigation
- Plain Chest X-ray
- Prostate ultrasound (Men)
- Prostate Specific Antigen (Men)
- Breast Ultrasound (Women)
- Mammography (Women)

4. Dental checkup


Day 1:

1. A trip to Old Havana (Habana Vieja)

2. Visit the breathtaking Cathedral and the Dark Chamber of Havana

3. Visit two Museums of your choice

4. A relaxing À La Carte lunch at La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant (La Bodeguita del Medio, the birthplace of the Mojito drink)

5. Visit El Capitolio

6. A relaxing À La Carte dinner at La Vitrola restaurant

Day 2 :

1. A relaxing À La Carte lunch at Vista Mar restaurant

2. One-hour ride in one of the classical cars

3. Visit Revolution Square

4. Visit various exhibitions, including those of The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of The Revolution, and The Museum of Arms

5. A relaxing À La Carte dinner in D’Lirios restaurant overlooking the El Capitolio

Day 3:

1. A visit to Morro-Cabaña fortress

2. Lunch at Morro-Cabaña fortress

3. A relaxing massage at La Pradera

Day 4:

1. A relaxing À La Carte lunch at Malecon 663 restaurant

2. A relaxing massage at La Pradera

3. A night out at Tropicana

Day 5:

1. A relaxing massage at La Pradera

2. A relaxing À La Carte lunch at El Cocinero

3. A visit to Havana Art Factory (Fábrica de Arte Cubano or Fábrica)

Day 6 and 7:

1. A trip to Varadero resort, which will include accommodation and three meals, in addition to open bar

Day 8:

1. Return to Havana

2. Dinner at La Pradera

Day 9:

1. A trip to Pinar del Rio province

2. A visit to Viñales Valley

3. A visit to tobacco farms and cigar makers

4. A relaxing lunch

Day 10:

1. Drive back to the airport


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