Imagine yourself right in the middle of the golden sand the beaches tour lined by palm trees from one side and silver glitter and smell of the ocean breeze from the other. Being there with friends will make you happy and relaxed. Even more, couple it with the right things to bring to the beach and you are nothing less but entitled to a perfect vacation.

There are four main elements we need to tackle here with various things you need to bring with you.

Sunis actually your best frenemy on the beach. It will rise and shine and give you all the energy you have ever wished for, but you need a simple sunscreen to protect your skin. Although there are various types of sunscreen keep in mind the most important thing: it is of paramount importance to have one on you always. There are several “best” ones and they are classified either according to the additional ingredient list or body parts they are applied on. 

Bring a pair of sunglasses and a hat on top of that – you may need them to fully relax under the Sun. Sunglasses protect your eyes from negative UV radiation and the best to choose are those with both UVA and UVB protection. If they are polarized it is a huge plus since reflecting glare is reduced. 

To add up, during the stay you will need (apart from those delicious cocktails) loads of water. Whether you bring it with you or get it from a nearby beach bar – it is up to you. If you are touring or hiking or even driving to the beach it may be a good idea to freeze a bottle of water the night before. This way the next day you will have (at least for some time) chilled bottle of water on your side.

Speaking of cocktails, take vacation in Cuba, for example. Cuba is considered a gem of the Caribbean. A still communist nation proud of its recent history has been open to the rest of the World for years now. With EcoCuba Pro tours you can experience the most delicious Cuban cocktails on the spot. Served in the beach bars or nearby restaurants many of those drinks made on the basis of pure Cuban rum are inevitably refreshing. Although tours such as Visita Habana Nature Tour will lead you to the heart of the city where some of the cocktails are said to have been first created, beach cocktails are not to be missed for sure.  

Waterin its abundance will give you the best time spent on an island. Be prepared to bring some towels, spare clothes and a plastic bag to store any of these if needed. Have a couple of long and short sleeve shirts with you. You will be splashed and sprinkled and get wet and a bit dirty, all with a broad smile reflecting in the warm ocean water. Of course, swimwear is a must.

Also, ocean water will give you a vast array of opportunities what you can actually do with your friends while on vacation. Just lying and sunbathing is perfect and you can dip yourself in the water to cool down. If you want to play you can use a simple beach ball or any other inflatable toy. You can use a big float and “accidentally” fall off it right into the clear blue ocean waters. It sounds fun and it is up to you. 

However, there are many other things you might want to do before or after the beach. If you go hiking, fishing or snorkelling you might need some other things to bring to the beach. Luckily for you, EcoCuba Pro has specially designed various activities and organizes many types of tours just for you and your friends. In most cases you will need to bring basic stuff with you such as a swimsuit, hat and rain jacket. Everything else, such as high-quality equipment, is prepared and waiting for you.

Furthermore, if your are off the coast for several days on the Deep Sea Fishing Tour or Fly Fishing Tour you also need to bring your swimsuit and various personal items such as soaps and toothbrushes. On top of these you will also need a bug spray and a rain jacket just in case.  Fishing equipment and fishing licence is nothing to worry about since these will be ready for you from the very beginning.

Sandand sandy beaches are cosy places to be. Feeling that soft powdery sand under your feet will make you all fuzzy. It would be very nice if you had a big beach towel or a blanket. A big blanket will make you comfortable and you will have some space just for yourselves. Blankets are also heavier and are harder to be blown away especially if the corners are covered with some sand. 

No matter how enjoyable it is to take long morning walks barefoot by the sea usually when you walk around the beach you may need some slippers or even sand socks. Both are easy to find and may provide excellent protection against tiny bits and pieces of sharp objects in the sand; if you play beach volleyball with your friends you will move quicker and jump higher as well.

Memoriesfrom the beach will stay with you forever. However, some shapes and animals will only appear that very moment on that very spot.

The Caribbean is very diverse in terms of ocean wildlife. Among its various islands Cuba is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Windward Passage. More than 4000 small islands and cays dot the surrounding sea. This has given a unique opportunity to its wildlife to flourish. 

While you are snorkelling you will definitely want to capture the beauty of the coral reefs providing a habitat for a spectrum of marine wildlife such as sponges, fishes, algae and seabirds.

There are many tours where you will be acquainted with rich marine ecosystem. Grab a camera with you. And make sure it is a waterproof one if you go underwater or near it, as a matter of fact.

Aaaand you’re ready for the perfect vacation

To sum it up, your time during vacation is precious and, as in anything else you do, planning beforehand is crucial. This unique four-set-of-things-to-bring-to-the-beach article is intended to give original view on what are the real driving forces of a healthy and enjoyable vacation in one of the Paradise on Earth locations. Simple things you bring to the beach are just means of fulfilling one completely. Cuba was not a lucky pick – its place as one of the top destinations is rightfully deserved and acknowledged worldwide. It is a place where people come back year after year and enjoy life in this beautiful colorful country. Also, people often meet other people and blend their lives with the local Cubans in a way. All of this is accompanied with tasting local cuisine, hiking along a beautiful trail or visiting a historic place for the first time. EcoCuba Pro with a motto “your smile is our job” is there to make it all happen for you on as many levels as possible. And this job is done truly “perfecto”.